A Love story
The "Love is..." phenomenon began in the 1960s in the heart of artist Kim Casali. She met Roberto, the man she would eventually marry, at a ski club party in Los Angeles, and the two had instant chemistry. Shy by nature, Kim crafted love notes to express her feelings for Roberto, notes which included the now famous drawings of a girl and a boy.

Kim and Roberto Casali Roberto kept every one of the little cartoons. Believing the drawings to be something special, he showed them to a friend in the syndication business who agreed that their heartfelt message should be made public.

The first Love is... cartoon was published in the Los Angeles Times on January 5, 1970, where it has appeared ever since.

Now, more than forty years on, the Love is... cartoons remain as enjoyable and relevant as ever. Their simple yet universal themes appeal to all knowing he'll never let you downgenerations. They show us the hidden forms that Love can take, and they express the feelings we encounter in daily life in ways that make us ponder, smile, and recognise the Love in our lives.

The cartoons remind us that sammy love isn't perfect – it takes work, nurture, and plenty of attention to stay strong. They teach us to see what we have, and to appreciate all the little things that we can take for granted.

Love is humble, universal, and a world of surprises. Love is all around us, all you have to do is to see it.

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